Sky MU Season 15
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x500 Online Users 6
Sky MU 500x Grand Opening 04/07/2020!

Play to WIN! PLAY to be the BEST!

Season 15 Part 2 Coming Soon!

New Skills, Map, Earrings, Items, Skills!

Unique PVP Balance

Every Character has a Strong/Weak Matchup. Check out our guide!

New Maps, Monsters!

Explore Sky MU! Like the first time!

Sky MU Online Season 15
x500 Grand Opening 4th July

Sky MU is a mid experience MU online private server with uniquely balanced PVP and PVM systems for FUN gameplay and item hunting. We offer unique invasions every 30 minutes, exciting bosses, and a fun and competitive atmosphere for players of every nation.

We put many months into the preparation of the server to bring you the very best in MU Online Season 15. Try now and do not regret.

Explore SKY MU


Opening Time:
UTC -3  - 8.00 - Argentina
UTC +2 - 13.00 - Poland
UTC +7 - 18.00 - Vietnam
UTC +8 - 19.00 - Philippines

Version: Season 15 Episode 3
Experience: x500
Max stats: 32K
Stats stay after reset!
Stats stay after grand-reset!

Unique PVP System:
Unique strength and weakness PVP System.
Every character has a uniquely strong and weak matchup.
We are dedicated to making sure that every character class has a chance to make a difference. No class will dominate PVP.

(more info in guides section)

Balanced PVM System:
All monsters are buffed incrementally, the higher the map, the stronger the monsters. Fun progression through the game, and a chance to explore every map one by one. Play MU like it was supposed to be played.

New Invasion :
Epic Invasions every 30 minutes. Well planned and unique drops for all invasions and bosses. Visit the guide section for more details! 

- Sky God Invasion
- Underworld King Invasion
- Hell Ogre Invasion
- Infernal Dragon Invasion
and many more...

New Maps:

Explore the MU continent like never before. Brand new maps never before seen in MU Online...

- Redesigned Lorencia - Explore brand new areas of the Lorencia town. Developed from scratch by the Sky Team.
- Dark Forest - Face the strongest monsters to gain the strongest items... 
- Lost Kingdom - Conquer the Lost Kingdom by defeating the Forgotten King and his army.

Reset system:
Resets are made on the website.
Stats stay after Reset.
Stats stay after Grand Reset
10 WC reward for Reset
3000 WC reward for Grand Reset

No nonsense - always ready for PVP

Ruud Farming System:
- Hunt invasions and play in events to win Ruud.
- Farm Ruud on dedicated Ruud farming maps

Goblin Point System:
- Goblin points can be earned in invasions and by playing in events.
- Dedicated farming maps for Goblin Points! 

Discord Server:
Sky team is very active on the discord server for chat, do you have a suggestion or a complaint? Admin will talk to you. Every player matters.